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SPC NE USA MesoAnalysis Page (Under Construction)

Surface Parameters
 NE Visible Satellite Surface Weather Plot
Surface Pressure/Wind NE Radar Base Reflectivity
Surface Observations Surface Moisture Convergence/Mixing Ratio
bigsfc mcon
2 Hour pressure Change (MB) 3 Hour Surface Temperature Change
pchg temp_chg
3 Hour Surface Dew Point Change 3 hour Theta E Change (K)
dwpt_chg thte_chg

Surface temperature De Point Sea Level Pressure

UA Vad Profiler Winds

Upper Air Parameters

925 Height(M) Temperature/Dew Point(C) Wind(kt) 850 Height(m) Temperature/Dew Point (C) Wind (kt)
925mb 850mb
700 MB Height (m) Temperature (C) Wind (kt) 700-500MB Mean RH % 500 MB Height (m) Temperature (C) Wind(kt)
700mb 500mb
300 MB Height (m) Divergence Wind (kt) Surface-2KM Integrated Moisture Flux Convergence
300mb dlcp
Surface Frontogenesis 850 MB Frontogenesis
700 MB Frontogenesis 850MB Temperature Advection
SFC Divergence and Vorticity SBCAPE and SBCIN
MUCAPE & Lifted Parcel Level Low Level Lapse Rate
Mid Level Lapse Rate 3 HR SBCAPE Change
3 Hour Low Level Lapse Rate Change 6 Hour Mid Level Lapse Rate Change
Wind Shear

Effective Bulk Vertical Shear Vector

BL-6-km Vertical Shear Vector

BL-8 km Vertical Shear Vector Surface-1-km Vertical Shear Vector